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This is a remastered version of " Happiness: The Game" which includes :

1- Mirall's mansion ( An information corner with inside info about the game and development history) 

2-The main game with polished and improved dialogue.

3- A special thanks by name to every person following me on

This remaster was made to celebrate the third anniversary of the game .

''Would you become a God or stay an observer?"

You are the weirdly ''nameless'' main character.

An average 17-years-old high school student going through life as a mere observer until one day a volleyball club member mysteriously disappears. This sets in motion a chain of events that would forever change your life.

 Family, pseudo-science, and time travel shinanigans . But most of all this is a game about ......



Join the game's official server here:

Update 01: For a limited time only, you can now get the full Happiness Saga ( 20 games in one bundle) for an extremely low price plus you get all future games for free.

Experience the whole story from start to finish ( the whole 20 games ) at a super huge discount by clicking on the link below :

The Full Happiness Saga Bundle ( 20 games in 01 bundle)

*The offer is ending soon*

Also check out ''Pattern Screamers'' a horror thriller adventure game that I  worked on in collaboration with strange girl studios.

You can check it out here :

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Dating Sim, Hentai, Male protagonist, NSFW, Romance, Sci-fi


Get this game and 19 more for 19.99€ EUR
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Happiness the game Remastered PC downloadable version.rar 250 MB
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Development log


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After finishing the series, I understand what the black screen at the very start means, where you click Start game. It's the System, it waits for you to play THE GAME and be trapped in his multiverse.


Very nice observation

Needs a lot more polishing, it seems. Couldn't make it though the start of the first one.

after im done with rance, IM GOING IN.

still on game 1 and not stellar bout these visuals but same for rance 01 and it gets better and im excited for a story that propelled you to the top of this site.
Hope to be a fan soon, should I judge if I should buy the bundle based on this game or is there a better jumping on point?

also maybe consider making the first game free since you have so many parts. like life is strange did(After I bought the 1st episode I wanna die)

Show post...

i like this game

What is the difference between the browser version and the download version? Does the downloadable version have more content or are they the same?


Question - your sequence mentioned 18 items, but the bundle only has 17.  What happened to #8 on the list?  Just started the series but definitely digging the vibe of it.


The 8 th game named ''CC: the girl who chants love at the edge of time'' is included with the download files of the 7th game named ''Goodbye time Traveler''.

Thanks for playing the series, I hope you will enjoy it.


Yup - got it.  Thanks!


But you are right about this one .

So I just gave game number 8 its own itch page to make things more convenient 

Thanks for the heads up.

Nameless character huh

What an irony


I gotta tell you, it was perfect, PERFECT

I just finished Null last week and I decided to play the whole saga by the order list and man.... I haven't play many VN before, but I can ensure this is a very good one:DDD

Homelander "It was perfect" interview speech 1080p - YouTube


Thank you very much. 

This is such high praise .


I cannot even describe how amazing the story is and how so well done it is, even if there was like 3 misspelled words throughout the game the story and the whole concept of the game is just amazing. You have such great talent keep it up :)


Thank you for the high praise .

why all games created by fouzi can't be downloaded on android


Because the engine i use doesn't let me make android ports.

But you can still play all my games on your phone using your phone browser.

It works perfectly.

oh tq

Mirall's mansion: "The final game will 100% be an RPG"

So that was a lie.



This is one of the most bullshit plot having games i have ever played, but also one of the greatest, its right up there with Yakuza 0 and Red Dead Redemption 2, i realised after playing this dumpster fire of a game that you dont gotta understand something to enjoy it, ya just gotta enjoy it despite it has a scatterbrained plot and a scatterbrained author :p. -Kind Regards: Yamaha Piano Gaming


Hopefully the other games in the series will help you understand the story.

how many endings are there?


In this one....1

Where can I read the light novel?


most of them are lost to time.

But here is one of them :


Thanks. I hope to find and read all of them.


Discovered this series recently (from null). I have never been more glad to be restricted to browser games (school .-.).


Nameless main character huh...


Rereading after finishing the last game. Truly a masterpiece.

ps: can i ask to give all music used in this game

Deleted 254 days ago

What about the one used during the first interaction with Carmine on the school roof?

Also the one used during the first half of the shopping mall sequence

ps: How do you pronounce "Carmine"

Deleted 254 days ago

Thanks! you have an amazing choice of music, especially how and where you use them.  It just brings more emotion to the story. It's one of the big reasons why i fell in love with your VNs.


Thank you . I try to always listen to the music of the scene while writing it so that the two will be compatible and many used songs inspired major scenes like the ending of "Null" haha

all the story change or just update for visual?


The story is the same  ( no changes)

(1 edit) (+1)

There is a misspelled of leaned on the day of class after the last dialogue of the person in the dream. 


Oh, I never noticed it. Thank you for letting me know. I will fix it and patch the game as soon as possible.