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''Butterfly'' is a dark revenge game with very mature themes.

You play as a strangely unnamed 18 years old guy who's facing horrific bullying both physically and mentally until one day he decides to end his misery by jumping from his school's rooftop.

But before he can accomplish his final action a strange girl by the name ''Zero'' shows up behind him. Zero offers him a special power. The power to read people's thoughts and in exchange, he must give a chunk of his remaining life span to her every time he uses it.

Watch as the strangely unnamed 18 years old decide to use Zero's power to take revenge on every person that ever wronged him.

Would he succeed in doing so before depleting his life? 

What does await him at the end of this dark horrific tunnel?

Who is this strange ''CC'' girl and what does she want from him?

**Discover the story that started ''everything''**


Disclaimer: This game contains dark content


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Ps: This game features a lot of sex scenes and also gore and is suitable for a +18 audience.

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Anime, Atmospheric, Creepy, Erotic, Hentai, Horror, NSFW, Romance, Sci-fi


Get this game and 19 more for 19.99€ EUR
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(1 edit)

good game, but it really feel sad for myself to play it ,as you literally revenge on your future-loving-supercute-wife in the main timeline, so I feel guilty when I played the games after with the normal girlfriend Carmine. It's also intresting that Issac have this brown hair and green eyes exactly like Carmine, so maybe he's the son of MC and Carmine in a timeline where they got a son instead of daughter?

(1 edit) (+1)

Alex getting Isaac ( a son) instead of Mirall and neglecting him because Alex wanted a daughter could explain why Isaac hate Alex so much

New support to my claim: expect for hairstyle and eye color, his face look the same as Alex (MC) in Devotion, so I guess he took this from his dad while the hair and eye from mom? although to be honest I think it's just because whatever platform you use to create these character's apperance lack of options since most female charater have the very same stance and Alex Isaac have it too. (plus if there is a character creator you use pleas tell me the name I love the artstyle)


This game is messed up. I did not feel right playing it at all, but it is interesting to see a different side of the same coin so to speak. I liked it because I hated it. It felt wrong, but I'm assuming thats what youre going for.


totally disagree

The game felt good and amazing
i wanted to do all that irl to my classmates

(1 edit) (+3)

I like how if you view this game from fouzi page it says butter instead of butterfly lol


He did become soft as butter after Reeva haha

In the list that its meant to be played, this is in 6th, however after making it to the end of this game it says to play happiness story or whichever one it was

Just follow the playing order in my creator page and you'll be fine


this game was cool, like this game was extremely cool its fun to play as the villan  but rarely do they stay as one with them having a redemption arc or smth  and the fact that butterfly stays consistently bad is cool 9/10 but how come his face is normal in the other games when half of it is burnt of?

He fixed his face surgically once he got older and super rich from his research which can be seen in the fancy mansion he rented for his weeding .

ohhhhhhhhhh that makes so much sense ngl im kinda dissapointed in carmine ,like she married the person making her go through a traumatic experiance


Carmine has been putting Butterfly in traumatic experiences for 2 years. She is a parasite leeching on however she think is the dominate male and Butterfly is a selfish sad man who used her to create the family he never had. They are perfect for each other.

makes sense , but wow that must be a sad relationship

The relationship gave birth to "Mirall"  so to Butterfly it's worth everything .

I know I'm really late to the comments but I'm here to ask for the name of the ending music and the one where Carmine gives you the sandwich. Thanks

Deleted 254 days ago

Not much of a game, more of a story.  Story is interesting but is rather edgy. 


Fair enough, it's near impossible to write a dark story without it coming out a bit edgy in a way but writing about good-natured protagonists all the time is boring!

This was really good.
I'll have to finish it later, but it's darker than I imagined it being.


Nice video! I personally enjoyed it especially your prediction at the end haha

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. lol


poor carmine

Ive played all but one game of yours Fouzi. I think the stories are great. I really like how they all come together somehow. I didnt know how I would feel playing as the villain, But it was a different experience. Your a great writer dude and anything you make ill try pretty much now. 

Keep up the great work. thats all I can say bro! Later....

Thank you once again for checking another game in the series. I know this game is very different from what I usually make since all the other games had ''anti-heroes'' instead of straight-out ''villain'' but I wanted to write a story from another perspective. 

Thank you again for your support, I really appreciate it.


It is time, once again, to review a adult game on itch (somebody would've thought by now i got better stuff to do, but here i am). As of this kind of games, i wont comment about the graphics or the characters, but the story itself. 

To put it plainly, i liked it. It is truly rare to play as a villain, let alone a villain with a super power/gift. For my standards the story was dark like a room without a light, 7/10 in the scale of darkness. It did help connecting some dots with the other games i so far have played, and im hyped for the next title. 

Now for some more specific details that made me like this. Firstly, and the reason i would nominate the game as game of the year 2022 is the MGS3 reference. When i saw it, a wave of nostalgia washed me to the old days, when i was a kid and i too was slithering around as naked snake and snipping the living heck out of The End. But enough with that, next is the humor. Dark of courses, but i did get a good jiggle with the urinate domination. Note to self, to prove dominance pee on your opponent (note to the reader, don't pee on anyone for the love of all things). Lastly, i cannot help but like Cecilia. As a person i usually don't bother with those that show no signs of resistance (in this case, every character except her was prone to the MC brain reading ability), but those that somehow defend against everything. Although it is a character, and i said i wouldn't comment about character, i believe her differentiation from the others is a point worth noting. 

Conclusion and rating: Really solid experience, the music is kinda loud but there are ways around that problem. If you are into dark things and want a psychological thriller to play through, definitely give it a go. From me, a 9/10 and many wishes for the futures. 

(note to the developer, although i understand this is a serious and personal question, did you get inspired to make this by any of your past patients. I noticed you are a doctor, so it is possible some of the stuff in this and the rest of the games have some inspiration from past cases. Of course you don't have to answer it, the secrecy of the doctors and all of that, but definitely curious).

(1 edit)

Haha, thanks for the thorough review.  Metal Gear Solid is truly one of the best series ever created and everyone should grow up with them. As for your final question, I'm happy to say that this game is the only game in the series that is 100 percent fiction. No one I know has gone through these specific events but I'm sure most of us can relate to being bullied at one point in our lives and I'm 100 percent sure there are people out there who had a similar bullying experience to that described in the game.


I really liked it. I wish there were more games like that. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Excited to play this, time for some dark stuff to make you appreciate the light in your life (in the lack of one, remember that everyday you wake up, you beat death by one). The review is on the way, let me finish this and i shall share my thoughts.