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Goodbye Time Traveler is a very heart-driven time-travel game.

Play as the weirdly nameless main character. A 21 years old cynical college student living a boring pathetic life except for the fact that he is cursed with strange phenomena. Phenomena that cause him to ''Time skip''  with no memories of what happened ...

Discover the terrible truth of the universe, and fight for what you believe is right.

Whether you guide the world to salvation or destruction is all up to ''YOU".

Only ''YOU'' can decide the fate of this world and every other world and timeline in existence.


Join the game's official server here:

Discord Server invite

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Experience the whole story from start to finish ( the whole 20 games ) at a super huge discount by clicking on the link below :

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Also check out ''Pattern Screamers'' a horror thriller adventure game that I  worked on in collaboration with strange girl studios.

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Updated 2 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsAdult, Atmospheric, Cute, Hentai, Horror, Indie, Romance, Time Travel


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​Goodbye Time Traveler downloadable pc version.rar 117 MB
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CC : the girl who chants love at the edge of time ( A spinoff game).zip 65 MB
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A curious Time traveler (A very short spinoff game) .html 402 kB
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The more you look at the apartment, the worse it gets. (press Space to show/hide the text) Weird details like the dust pan, the fridge or the slippers under the desk.

Also, I've noticed a bug in all games, if you press Windows key on the keyboard, all text runs forward like when you hold Ctrl to skip the text. You find yourself in another chapter before you could stop it, and you have to reload a save to go back.

what is the soundtrack at the beginning? Sounds like an early 2000s or 90s visual novel track. 

is "A Curious Time Traveler" and the downloadable version of "CC" not included in the bundle?

(2 edits)

CC game is included in the bundle and can be seen with the game files of '' Good bye time traveler '' 

A curious time traveler can also be found with the game files of '' Good Bye time traveler''

Will these games ever be available on Mac? Or fully playable in-web?

Did you watch the captain disillusion video? I feel like i know the time travel debunks

No, I don't who that is .

But you can find debunks anywhere even Wikipedia.

the mc in this game is like the one in the first three but on steroids  he's way more cynical ,way more honest and way more depressing , even more than how the mc was in the begging of a happiness story. like how talented do u have to be to pull that off 8.5/10  also the cgi with cc with a gun would make a good wallpaper

Thank you , the "Goodbye time Traveler" MC is the happiness MC with no Mirall showing up in high school. The longer Mirall takes to show up the worst the version of MC ends most timelines at least.

Two days ago I found the game “End of Happiness” again after a few months and I then realised there is an entire backstory which explained all the comments talking about things not even present in this game.

Now that I found this series I am so hyped to play all of them and with every game, the bigger story comes through, and I understand more and more. I love this more complex story which is not so present at first. I love how everything starts to unwind and makes sense! Thank you so much for creating the games and I can’t wait to finish them all!

And I really love Mirall and I am always so happy to see her again, you absolutely nailed her and all the other characters (especially the relationship between her and her Father)! I hope to see more of Carmine and her story and character, as sometimes it seemed that she has more of a background role.

I am sorry for writing so much but I guess everyone reading these VN does not mind.

Oh and is there a way to read the novel(s) you hinted at the first few games? I would love to read more of the story!


thank you , glad you enjoyed the series.

one of the light novels are here :

Thank you, I am looking forward to reading it!

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(1 edit) (+1)

What an adventure

2nd play but still was almost as good as the first time, 10/10 for me

hapiness series goes from romcom(it has enough elements to be called one) to seinen in a blink lol, well i liked the mixture between the romcom-seinen elements, feels very original.

And I updated my views, Mirall may be best girl, but Carmine is waifu

Found some typo/dialogue mistakes in some scenes(spoilers)




Here appears "Naz" name instead of Mirall, and Mirall is the one that appears on the scene and is talking(unless Naz calls him daddy too😳)

also in the final parts, Mirall gets called as Carmine lol(and she didn't appear in that scene)

I think this is all, but cannot confirm, didn't focus on it during the first 2/5 of the game

Haha If I remember correctly this game was made solely for Mirall  because despite she is a very major character she weirdly has  little screen time in ''Happiness 2'' and '' A Happiness Story'' and ''Milker'' and doesn't even show up in person in ''Existence''

Fun fact : the ''John Titor '' mentioned in this game is a real person who showed up in the early 2000's and claimed to be a time traveler and they convinced a lot of people . A lot of people still believe him to this day.

Haha yeah the Naz thing is a typo. I'm fixing it right now .

Alltough Naz having secret feelings for Alex is canon .

It's hinted at in ''Existence '' and subtely hinted at in '' Devotion'' if the player decide to talk to her in that game and find her crying while holding a certain ''black scarf''

I had hoped I'll explore this part before the series is over but there was so much things going on in the series and the universe's future takes priority over Naz's crush.

Yeah, i unironically investigated about the many worlds theory and John titor after the first play to understand every refference.

Also i think you forgot to make the game that is the gap between existence and milker(i think we got a flashback of it story-wise in farewell my hapiness, or it was an Existence flashback, i don't remember seing that scene there). Would have liked to see a bit in depth look at Existence medieval and magic world.

Naz is a great character and would have liked to see more about her(maybe she could overthrown CC in popularity, but already "Null" seetled it), maybe her world made her hard on the outside but she still has feelings, also fun to see her and CC insult each other, kinda childishly. Also(spoiler) i guess Naz was born in existence? or got her memories deleted and got a different life?

I would say about more of Lisa, but just another Lisa. "Zero-One" Lisa arc was perfect i may say.

Well, anyways, i'm looking forward any work you do, even if it is not from Hapiness multiverse.

And funny enough, Mc being cynical made him lose all what Hassan could only ever dream of, getting a harem lol, if there is infinite timelines then mc surely made the harem in at least one lol.

Yeah , the world of ''Existence'' has so much lore. Especially since the ''Existence'' game only covered a small part in one continent ''Magis'' . 

The continent of ''Aincrad'' in perticular has a very interesting lore and I would to explore it in the future if I ever have the time.

Naz was born in ''existence'' so did her parents and grand parents . It was her great great great grand parents who were abducted from the real world by the ''T's'' almost 2000 years before she was born.

Thanks , I'm currently participating in a collabrative project and it should come out this month. I think it would be a great time travel game so here's hoping for the best.

Yeah since there are infinite timelines , there must be even a timeline where Hassan is the MC and has a harem of girls .


I was talking about Alex in the last one(maybe my bad english played a role there), but well imagining hassan with a fairly adquired Harem would be hilarious.


A collab project, looking forward for it

I like to read comments before downloading so I saw that you said all your games are like a continuous storyline just in different games is that true? If so what game should I start with?

(1 edit) (+1)

the correct order is on my  ''creator page'' but you can play this game separately without needing to play other games since the story is pretty self-contained.

I came for more songs XD


Why....... EVERYTIME!!!!!! God I love this series. Despite me going backwards I love it. For a second I thought Mirall was my old friend who I apparently hated. But nope. When she revealed... Or at least when I revealed who she was I was begging for no one to say it but nope it happened. I cant believe I didn't see the evidence before XD.

Anyways I just wanna say more tears were shedded as I played this game and I love the ending (The one where you shoot destiny I haven't played the other.) And I love the humor. But I also love how the characters sometimes interact with you. And in a way this game is almost real. I can't wait for more of the series to come out and that's only if it does come out. If not I shall play again to see my favorite character ^v^. Keep up the good work and thanks for the content. I love it and so should the world.


Thank you very much for all your nice words. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Don't worry too much about the playing order, as long as you play "Happiness 1" before "Happiness 2" the rest doesn't matter.

Sadly CC was just a minor character here for obvious reasons.


Fair enough. That's what I was going to do. Though. I was going to wait till I made a yt account before playing anymore. That way your games become more popular ^v^


Emersive story. You are a talented writer sir. Would I like a sequel. Absolutly. I just hope you can handle it. A sequel to a story of this caliber would be an undertaking to say the least. I truly love the theory of time travel.

Thank you very much for your kind words. Hopefully, the sequel will offer an even better experience than this one.

Hassan: "4 Girls, 2 Boys, now this looks like a party!"

Observer Friend: "If he's counting my Daughter in that list, this is going to turn into a murder mystery game."

...Very Subtle... VERY Subtle there Fouzi...

Also, why does Mirall refer to almost everyone Happy knew as a kid as Aunt/Uncle?  Is that a reference I'm just supposed to 'get'?

(1 edit)

Haha, yes, although when this game came out  "Null" was still stuck in development hell so basically no one could understand this reference back then.


*Spoilers to this game **

Mirall is from the future and even though in this timeline she is close in age to Naz, CC, and the rest of her father's friends, they are still her dad's friends so out of respect she calls them "Aunt and uncles" 

Hi, I would like to know if the music of the game is original. The game looks pretty good, I didn't finish it because I'm kinda busy rn, but I would like to know that

I really enjoyed your story.  I had played one of your earlier games on Newgrounds a couple years ago and I was surprised (and pleased) to see the characters make a reappearance. I will have to check out some of your other games.

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh, it's good to meet someone from the good old 2020 lockdown days. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Yes, most of the games follow the same group of main characters in a continuous storyline but can be played separately.

Its a bit laggy for me but it was pretty good