''Happiness Forever'' is a collection of all the 20 games of the ''Happiness series''  shown HERE .

Experience the full story from start to finish and enjoy a massive story and lore created in the span of 4 full years of game development.

Time travel, multiverse theory, romance, 4th wall-breaking narrative, and adult themes......The ''Happiness Forever'' collection features all of these and more.

- A long continuous storyline and a massive unique lore 

- 20 full games created in the span of 4 years ( 18 visual novels and 2 RPGs)

+30 characters and multiple romantic interests.

- Recurring characters and real character development.

-Immersive atmosphere, character design, and music.

-Happiness Web novels as a Bonus .

The game series feature dark themes and content.

How to Download & Play 

1- Download ''Part1.rar'' and ''Part2.rar'' and ''Part3.rar''

2- extract the files.

3- Play and enjoy 

The correct order to play the series:

1-''Happiness 1''

2-''Happiness 2 ''

3-'' A Happiness Story''

4-''Existence (RPG) ''

5-'' Milker (RPG) ''


7-'' Goodbye Time Traveler''

8-'' CC: The Girl Who Chants Love At The Edge Of Time'' 

 9-'' Null'' 


11-''Time Letter''

12-''Zero One''

13-'' Reeva''

14-''End Of Happiness''


16-'' Carmine''

17-Farewell My Happiness.


19- Goodnight Mirall

20- Naz

Join the series official discord here :

Updated 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
Tags2D, Anime, Atmospheric, Dating Sim, Hentai, Horror, Mystery, NSFW


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The Full Happiness series games ( 20 Full Games ).part1.rar 1 GB
if you pay 19.99€ EUR or more
The Full Happiness series games ( 20 Full Games ).part2.rar 1 GB
if you pay 19.99€ EUR or more
The Full Happiness series games ( 20 Full Games ).part3.rar 356 MB
if you pay 19.99€ EUR or more
[Bonus] Happiness web novels ( should be read after finishing the games).rar 10 MB
if you pay 19.99€ EUR or more


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I'm just curious, are the bonus web novels the same old ones you lost and then recovered and posted on Discord? And are all of them here or just some of them?

I think it's the same ones as the one in discord .

Do any of these have futa or gay stuff?


Why i cant join discord server,my discord name is eravk3131

The invite works fine for me

Its say "this invitation link is invalid or expired", "use another link for joining this server "

Try this 


Same thing again