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Does this game have any sex scenes?


Yes Carmine gives head to the player


At the end of the game, I was confused. It was difficult for me to play all the works in this series. I hope someone can connect this series to tell a complete story

This is a good game😀

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Hi Fouzi, 

Could you please share the png/jpegs of the characters or backgrounds used in the game to this site/page? It's a bit of a hassle trying to create Youtube thumbnails for I'm having to edit out text and redraw boobs.

Really fun game!

Thank you

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These are all the background and character art I have access to right now since I left my old PC back home , 

PS: doesn't seem to let me upload character sprites because they are WEBP format so I hope this backgrounds are enough.

Feel free to post links to your let's play here so more people can see it . 





idk how to do a rar file

Of you are using a PC , you just extract the RAR file and the game will be in the extracted folder.

If you are using a phone or MacBook then the RAR file won't work and you can only play this game directly on your browser ( no downloads)


ok thank you ive never used one before most games just have a zip file

I think RAR files and ZIP files are more or less the same so you shouldn't have any problems

there is no option to extractsorry it took me  a while to try keept forgetting

try following these steps:

1- download win RAR

2- extract game with win RAR.

3- play the game


The game is very beautiful, the story is wonderful, and the events were fun and interesting, And the end of the story was... well, a little sad, it was amazing game, thank you.

nahhh how'd Sanae get here

seeing as you reply (unlike ALOT of game makers thx btw) one are you a woman (there was a game you made and i thought it would be a little weird to be in the place of a girl as a man)

 two how are you you made many games how do you feel about their success 

three is cc herself in all games she's in or just the same art re used 

four  how is cc able to know we are behind a screen(don't need to answer) 

five hope you have a great day                                                    doyouthinklemonadeisgood


1- I'm a guy . When it comes to writing stories gender doesn't matter . It's all about imagining a character and writing what you think he or she will say if they were real.

2- I don't think I can call the games successful yet . They are not mainstream and so far just a niche but alot of people who played them seems to really enjoy them.

3- CC is CC but she does change her hair style from one game to another.

4- CC cant see the player , she can only sense the player because she is self aware .

5- Lemonade is all right.

Tbh before I played null I through that this niche was kinder cringe and would be very predictable but I gave null a try and now a weak later I played every game in the series and dam they were all great as well as the fun of multiverse stuff all really fun so thanks for making these games.

haha glad you enjoyed them.

Yes sadly many visual novels are truly cringe or just boring .

A lot of them glorify the heroines and turn them into these unattainable goddesses who you must work hard to woo them.

the player's goal become to get with the heroine , listen to her ''more often than not'' stupid problem , disregard commun sense and finally finish the game by getting her to date you.

And the MC is often a loser who is way too kind for any realistic human to be , who gets abused by the heroine without saying a word and who spew the same random crap about friendship and love.

Those Visual novels are insufferable.

When I started the series 4 years ago  my first goal was to avoid as much stereotypes as possible .


Well i can say you succeeded with out a doubt

is cc in all of your games?


Here is a list of all CC appearances in the series for you and all who like CC:

-Happiness 1 : No appearence

-Happiness 2 : No appearence

-A Happiness Story : No appearence

-Existence : CC is one of the main characters.

-Milker : only a cameo

-Butterfly : CC is a side character.

-Goodbye Time traveler : CC is a side character.

-CC: the girl who chants love at the edge of time : CC is the main character.

-Null : CC is the main character.

-Devotion: CC is a side character

-Time letter : only a cameo

- Zero One : CC is one of the main characters

-Reeva: CC is a side character

-End of Happiness: No appearence

-Divinity : CC is a side character

-Carmine : No appearence

-Farewell my happiness : only a cameo

-Identity : CC is a side character.

i’ve been trying to get it to work for a bit but it won’t load it sounds like a really fun game too does anyone know how to get it to work

Very odd. I tested in multiple devices and many people have played it no problems.

If you are playing on your browser , try to use Chrome and if it doesn't load refresh the page and wait a bit.


Download it to your PC and play it offline and save yourself the trouble.

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I don’t have a PC and downloads never work on my computer so it’s fine I’ll figure it out somehow or I can just not play it until I get a better computer mines really old

why dont you put this game on steam ?


I find it better here so it can stay free for those who don't want or can't afford to buy it.

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I was really excited to play this game but whenever I load it up in browser it just takes me to a page and stays there. Not sure what the problem is but I've tried on multiple devices and its still not working :(

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Try to reload the page and try again.

When the title screen appear wait a bit for the game to start .

Or you can download it and play it offline and save yourself the hassle.

Either way the game works 100 percent....i just tested it again.

Really enjoy the simple setup for the tension, choices and characters.

Sorry, I know a lot of people ask for the song names but, could you tell me what the name of the one that plays on the piano when you decide to go to the forest with anya? It's such a good song, I'd like to learn to play it. 


Sure. I'm guessing you're referring to this one :

Thank you!


i- wow.. to be honest this game was hella fun and interesting, i love games like this they never tend to bore me :)

confused about the timeline. This is before a happiness story because Zero is a null, yet after the main branch got reset because Goodbye Time Traveler is referenced and GTT refereces the timeline reset. When does this happen? Around happiness 2?

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Chronologically "Null" happens between the events of Happiness 2 and A Happiness Story.

But CC doesn't go through games chronologically. She goes  by order of release so to her Null happened after Goodbye time traveler and A happiness Story.

As for you the player you can just follow the playing order on my creator page

And you'll be fine.

Thank you for playing the series . I appreciate it


Hey I'm playing this game for my twitch stream right now and wanted to say this game is awesome so far, one of the best visual novels I've played

Write your twitch channel i wanna see haha

screaming_weasel762 , sorry i didnt check this for a while but ill probably stream it tomorrow too


I followed your twitch channel:        

Hope everyone seeing this comment will do the same.


thank you so much!

,,Is ThIs A JoJo ReFeReNcE??!"
But no seriously, what an adventure! This was my first visual novel game and it didn't disappoint. The characters, their fates and story's was incredibly well made.  The description and pictures of the murders were truly shaking. And the writing was (in my opinion) perfectly executed. I haven't played the other games (and somehow managed to get the right answer at the end) but if they are all like this, it's going to be amazing! Thank you for your effort! <3

PS: Is the last song up anywhere?


Thank you for enjoying the game.

"Null" is definitely the most popular game in the series and I can see why but I think if you play the whole series from start to finish you get to experience something even more amazing or at least this is what the comments on the final game in the series say.

Here a link for the ending song :

Wow you answer quick lol. I can't wait what the others have in store! Also thanks for the link :)

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I can't say bravo to this game i can only say thank you for making this game. I cried at the end. Made me realize that i myself will never get a happy end. But don't blame yourself for bringing that to my attention. I already knew that. I will never get a girlfriend and lay in  a field of flowers with her. Not that im a simp for Anime girls. Just sayin' i'll probably never get a girlfriend  and i'll  die alone. So that's my opinion on this game. Peace


Cheer up buddy...the best is yet to come.

No one dies alone unless they want to.

This is the first game I played and I can already tell that stuff is gonna happen in this series.

Also, no the heck you cannot play any part of the game and have it make sense, the end just goes all the way off the rails and obliterates any understanding I had



C.C and Zero...Code Geass reference

CC yes . Zero no ( she is a Zero escape reference and a foreshadowing regarding "Null" ending)


Why did C.C gooooooo :(

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It's not worth for Anya to kill you outside because everyone in the mansion would immediately suspect her of being the killer, as she returns alone. 


Unless she kills you for other reasons beside Zero's game

? explain pls

Death games have specific rules and often the game stays limited to those rules but it's not realistic . If you wake up with no memories in a mansion and find yourself in a death game it will be naive to think that all your companions don't have hidden motives . 

For example Anya could kill you because of a memory she regains especially if she regained a memory about how you are the reason for the timeline imbalance ( according to Destiny lie) also Anya could kill you and go back to the mansion and claim you died by accident or that Zero killed you.

Who would the other believe more a psycho Null trapping them inside a death game or an innocent looking girl.

When it comes down to a realistic death game expect to die and be killed in all unexpected illogical ways and don't take the game rules as relegious text .

After all CC was hiding a secret motive all along and so did Ressato.

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What's the background music during this scene i love it
and the ending i wasn't expecting that great game!


thank you , the music used is this one :

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and this is another remix of it 

both of these are from the legendary ''YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World'' game.

Thank you very much for this well-developed series! i'll be playing devotion now looking forward for your future works! and thanks for the source!


thanks , I suggest you play previous games before playing ''devotion'' in case you haven't so you won't be confused.

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i can see why ppl liked this game in particular and it was a nice breath of fresh air seeing cc as the main heroine instead of carmine 10/10 ngl  cc reminds me of monika from ddlc or aoi from you, me and her a love story

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CC is actually inspired by " Setsu" from the game "Gnosia" but Aoi definitely had an influence minus the NTR stuff lol


i was wondering why gnosia sounded familiar and then i realised i was waiting for this game to come out and apparently it has been out for almost a year. it made so much sense how u were able to use music from the game

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Yes "Gnosia" is amazing. If it weren't for it I would have never made "Null". 

It did the whole "Time loop" thing perfectly and Setsu is best girl of all time .

The only negative thing in "Gnosia" is the lack of more story and in depth dialogue since "Gnosia" isn't a typical visual novel.

So I tried to make "Null" a mix between "Gnosia" ( with the time loops) and "Raging loop" ( with the deep lore) and finally added the usual "Happiness" touch when it came to making the character interactions as realistic and raw as possible and making a bittersweet ending.


interesting behind the scenes development info

To be honest, when I first saw Cecelia, I actually thought she was inspired by Yuki Nagato!

She's a great character though! You did a wonderful job bringing her to life!

I must now go and play "CC : The Girl Who Chants Love At The Edge Of Time"! (Null was the first game of your that I played!)


Yuki is best of girl of the Hauruhi....i can seem how Yuki and CC are similar but it wasnt intentional lol

Can't disagree there. Lol. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya was absolutely fantastic.

I'm currently reading through Mirall's Mansion as I type this. I can't help but agree that Cecelia is best girl. Carmine and Mirall are both great, well-written characters, but CC, her actions and her backstory... it's all just so endearing! I hope that she's present in more stories!


i hope so too lol

can i ask song in start

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Here :

Here :


hey, fouzi. great game. just curious: what game engine did you use to make this game? thanks.




Dang, this one is hella good

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What's the murder song? Great game!



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that's a greaaaaaaat game! [speaking like 0 haha

anyway, i've played this game thru all over and it's soo fucking damned sad to find the words written last

really take my breath away

btw for those who have not played this here is a clue:

null=amounting to nothing


among us?





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sussy bussy yussy


i swear like every i read the word among us the vine boom sound effect plays in my head

glad to know I'm not the only one ruined by thi




i have only few words to describe this game  that is


5 STARS!!!




What is the name of the song in scene 2 ??


do you mean this one ?

Actually that's not exactly it. I really liked the part with the violin sound:))

describe the scene the song is used in and I should be able to find it

The scene after the scene where we talk to Hassan in the first pink room. The red room scene where we start talking to strangers. I really liked the violin sound in that scene.:)

Wow this game is so good. I instantly got hooked.  5 stars!

Does this game have any horror scenes/content?

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It had some horror(but not really "jumpscares" if that's what you mean) and a few gore scenes


I haven't played any of the other games (yet), but this story just... blew my mind. Now I'm DYING to know what happened to CC. I clicked this game because I was bored, but I was hooked instantly. I would rate it 35/10. It's that good.


Daaaaaaamn... that ending left me SPEECHLESS. Like bro i was just hella bored and i clicked at this game outta curiosity and HOLY i was hooked. Bro you don't realize how much I enjoyed this game if I was to rate it I would give it a 20 outta 10.

                               Minor Spoiler

I was upset that I didn't play the previous versions and didn't remember or guess who CC was like you could've told me that it woul'd be better for me to play the other games first... I feel betrayed 😔 and could anyone give me the games timeline?


the correct order to play the other games in the serie is here :


Thank you pal and keep it up 🙂👍


C.C? Zero? Yup, I'm seeing something here.

don't tell me cc=creative cloud



I would have assumed CC stands for “Custom Content” as she is a custom content in the game which is not meant to be there by the developers. In Sims 4 this term is used for user-created content, which has kind of the same meaning.

But “Creative Cloud” is also not a bad guess. No matter what it means, I love that it probably has a deeper meaning and I love every second where CC is talking directly to me, especially since I played the game “CC : The Girl Who Chants Love At The Edge Of Time”

Great theories. "Custom content" is the closest one to the truth.

So you are saying it means something else? Then my only other guess is “Custom Character”. Does one of the other games provide hints about the true meaning?


CC's name has many references....for once yes it stands for " Custom Character"'s also a reference to C++ language....and also a reference to C.C ( pronounced C2) from Lellouche anime and finally it's a shortening to Cécélia. CC prefers being called CC instead because it's the name she chose to herself after becoming sentiment and self aware.

Refusing to identify with things you have no control on like birth names, races, nationalities and choosing to instead be proud of the things you chose and accomplished is one of the biggest themes of the series.

The MC real name is never revealed nor his nationality or even the name of his hometown. 

The same for all other characters.

The point behind all of this for me was to make stories and character where the player can relate to characters because of their personalities and motivations not because of their skin color/nationality/sexual orientation .

sadly most games and tv shows these days rely on race/gender/sexuality and other crap no one choses when they are born to make you relate to a character which is very stupid imo

How many endings are there? I have the main one I think and I got two others.

3 endings


Oh I'm done with the game then. It was such a blast! loved it.

is the ending with the person #not identified the true ending? eager to know

The true ending is the one with the song playing 


kinda cried


So for my first ending, I think I got the true ending first. Soo, whos the fella host that said I dont need to play previous games to understand what was going on? I feel my head going blank.... Kinda feels empty when the mcs are part of entirely another setting. Definitely got me  curious though.
Aside that though, the character arts were insane when it shows up. I appreciate the slice of life moments too. Thanks for the game! 


haha, you shouldn't have trusted a guy standing in a little girl's room.


bro these game too good i love cc 😏 but for real keep it up 


thank you



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