"'Null' is a murder mystery / social deduction game with time travel elements.

"You" are trapped in a mansion with 8 other people forced to play a game with some "Werewolf/Mafia" elements except the consequences are very real. But wait, that's not all, every time you die in the game you are sent back to the start of the loop forever trapped in a hellish game with no means to escape.

But fear not, you're not alone. "CC" a strange girl who seems to also retain her memories after each loop is also seeking an escape. 

Would you two be able to escape this hellish nightmare or would you be forced to repeat the same loop over and over again for all eternity?

Who's this "Zero" person and why is she forcing you to play this sick game?
Why does your character have hollow creepy eyes and barely talks?

Discover not only the truth about this twisted game and your universe but also the terrible truth about "YOU"!


Disclaimer: Game features Gore, graphic scenes, and adult, and mature themes.

(Game NOT suitable for children)


(Game can be played in your browser  -No Download is Needed- )

 When playing on your browser for the first time, the game might take a few seconds to Ioad data so please be patient.


Update 01: added a downloadable pc version for those who prefer to download the game and play it offline instead of playing it on their browser.

Update 02Spelling and grammar issues fixed. 

Update 03: "Null" has reached 1000 downloads/plays in one week. A very sincere thanks to everyone who supported it. 

Update 04: A new game  "Existence (RPG): the Full Game" has been released. Play it here for freehttps://fouzi94.itch.io/existence

Update 05: "Null" has reached 2000 downloads/plays in 2 weeks.

---If you enjoyed this  game, consider supporting me through PayPal, it will help with the making of future games in the series---

Updated 10 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(57 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Simulation
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Dating Sim, Horror, Male protagonist, Romance, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few seconds


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that's a greaaaaaaat game! [speaking like 0 haha

anyway, i've played this game thru all over and it's soo fucking damned sad to find the words written last

really take my breath away

btw for those who have not played this here is a clue:

null=amounting to nothing

Deleted 1 day ago

among us?





i have only few words to describe this game  that is


5 STARS!!!



What is the name of the song in scene 2 ??

do you mean this one ?


Wow this game is so good. I instantly got hooked.  5 stars!

Does this game have any horror scenes/content?

(1 edit) (+1)

It had some horror(but not really "jumpscares" if that's what you mean) and a few gore scenes


I haven't played any of the other games (yet), but this story just... blew my mind. Now I'm DYING to know what happened to CC. I clicked this game because I was bored, but I was hooked instantly. I would rate it 35/10. It's that good.

Daaaaaaamn... that ending left me SPEECHLESS. Like bro i was just hella bored and i clicked at this game outta curiosity and HOLY i was hooked. Bro you don't realize how much I enjoyed this game if I was to rate it I would give it a 20 outta 10.

                               Minor Spoiler

I was upset that I didn't play the previous versions and didn't remember or guess who CC was like you could've told me that it woul'd be better for me to play the other games first... I feel betrayed 😔 and could anyone give me the games timeline?


the correct order to play the other games in the serie is here : https://fouzi94.itch.io/


Thank you pal and keep it up 🙂👍


C.C? Zero? Yup, I'm seeing something here.

don't tell me cc=creative cloud


How many endings are there? I have the main one I think and I got two others.

3 endings


Oh I'm done with the game then. It was such a blast! loved it.

is the ending with the person #not identified the true ending? eager to know

The true ending is the one with the song playing 


kinda cried


So for my first ending, I think I got the true ending first. Soo, whos the fella host that said I dont need to play previous games to understand what was going on? I feel my head going blank.... Kinda feels empty when the mcs are part of entirely another setting. Definitely got me  curious though.
Aside that though, the character arts were insane when it shows up. I appreciate the slice of life moments too. Thanks for the game! 


haha, you shouldn't have trusted a guy standing in a little girl's room.


bro these game too good i love cc 😏 but for real keep it up 


thank you




*smh in arab*


hassan dead

Omg it's awesome I'm so playing this again also I have a question can I play It on twitch if not I understand

of course you can play it where ever you want

What is song in start

Deleted 12 days ago

No the on in start screen

Deleted 16 days ago
Deleted 7 days ago
Deleted 7 days ago
Deleted 9 days ago



Bro OMGGGG, this game was good

Isaacc was my favorite charactar in the first bit, then he called me a sissy and i hated him,

I miss CC tho, :(


Ngl the ending kinda had a Doki Doki ending, with CC not being remembered

hi can i get the name of song in ending ?

Deleted 14 days ago
Deleted 10 days ago
Deleted 2 days ago


Yo fouzi finally so many new game you upload i hope i can play all the game

haha, have fun with the new games.




Utter pain lol


Damn, that ending hit harder than my dad's belt



Is there any nsfw scenes in this? also are you planning an Android version?


At first clicked on it because of "Adult" tag

After some play i got hooked in by the actual game, the story was very good, i loved it, the ending almost made me cry(i suppress my emotions, don't ask, also i swear i never felt that way to a game ending), felt sad specially about how some of them ended. 

I played all your other games just after finishing this one, and i'm very impressed, also got some context of the "cheater" thing i think lol. 

Only thing i felt bad was that my choices didn't matter at all(didn't make a big impact sometimes, that could not prevent some things, remind me of Deltarune lol), opposite to your other games. But still i give you a 9.4/10

The other "goodbye time traveler" game, made me cry at the ending, i won't talk about the other games here to not spoiler.

Now I'm looking forward for any game you upload, you gained my respect and a follower.


Also left me wanting more of this story, if CC will ever return, or if she was completely deleted(i wish there is hope for her). Also sadly after playing all the other games i learned tsundere Carmine>>>>CC, i also based my personality in MC and kinda like redheads now /s


Thank you for the thorough review. The thing I enjoy most about making games besides writing about ''Time travel'' is hearing from you the one playing them. Yeah playing any of the past games should explain why a certain girl calls you ''a cheater'' 

You bring up a good point regarding the choices. The original plan for this game was to make every choice have a very major impact but midway I quickly abandoned this idea because it's unrealistic ( If you are trapped in a death game unless you take a leadership position your words will only hold so much weight in the voting) and because of what you discover at the end of the game you can never play '' the leader position''. Still, I did try to make the choices hold some effect and I hope it showed.

I'm currently working on a new game that takes place after both ''Goodbye time traveler'' and '' Null''. It has a large cast of characters so who knows who could show up. I have been working on it since maybe June and it should be finished in a week or so.

***Minor Spoilers***

Haha regarding the last *spoiler* part Carmine just has the advantage of being in more games than CC . My take on the ''best girl'' is a tie between Mirall and CC. But then again I can't be objective in this matter so my opinion is irrelevant lol.

Ps: Redheads are severely underrated.


(More spoilers for other ppl)

Yeah you have a point too i think, they were in a loop and if they could change something in each reset then Zero would have not returned their memories i guess, also that the MC(or idk if his name is ben afleck or alex according to the other games) likes to take an "observer" position rather than being a leader or having an important role most of the time.

I liked the Carmine-MC relationship in the other games(not counting "butterfly" game lol, but still i think she was forced to do those things) so there my bias toward Carmine, and they had its funny moments, if i saw development in CC-MC(but i think CC talks to the player, ddlc vibes) i would say it's a tie between those relationships.

I like Mirall, but idk, i feel sometimes that MC would only use Carmine so Mirall is born, or he is just "dense" as Carmine said. Also mainly focused on the MC romantic interests, but loved their Father and daughter relationship

Also I liked a redhead girl in high school(natural tho), at some point we were getting close but i didn't try or do anything then, now she is in another country, and Carmine did remember me her *sob. Now i know i'm into redheads completely lol.

****Major spoilers to every game in the series including this one****

Oddly though the new game I'm working on has a part where the MC's real name is finally addressed. The |MC x Carmine |in ''Butterfly'' is my personal favorite, lol I'm kidding but I find the idea of someone going from seeing their relationship in ''Happiness 1'' to immediately ''Butterfly'' super hilarious lol.

Yes, CC has no romantic interest in MC (whether it's Happiness MC, Goodbye Time traveler MC or butterfly) the only attachment she sometimes has for the MC is because she sees him as an extension to the player.

Happiness MC and Carmine's relationship is very complicated. The MC's life was one big hole, if Mirall didn't show up he would have either ended his life ( like what he tried in ''A Happiness Story'') or ended up like the ''Butterfly''. Mirall is the sole reason for the MC's continuous survival. So he's completely attached if not a bit too obsessed with her. 

In the Web Novel I wrote years ago the MC  does show some interest in Carmine way before Mirall showed up But Carmine's cold behavior and her inability to express herself makes the two of them always distanced. Carmine stubbornly waits for the MC to remember her from their first year in high school while she forces him to stay in her club and the MC just wants to live his pathetic observer life thinking Carmine is just a sadistic demon forcing him to stay for no reason.

When Mirall shows up, the MC realizes that the only way Mirall can be born in the future is for him to fall in love and marry Carmine so he no longer knows if he's with Carmine because he has feelings for her or because he wants  Mirall to be born or both. 

In certain scenes like the ending of '', Happiness 1'' and ''Happiness 2''he confesses to himself and Carmine that he loves her but once the adrenaline rush wears off and regular life returns he finds himself once again questioning if he truly loves her or he was just swapped by the moment.

I realize I spoke too much about the MC x Carmine relationship but it's because it was very important for me to create a ''realistic romance''.  I consider writing romance the hardest thing in fiction. decades of novels and games have overused the concept of Love and made it near impossible to write about it without coming out as cliché or cheesy. At first when I made ''Happiness 1'' I was convinced that I will not add any romance but it was impossible due to the story so I would always stop when doing a romance scene and pay extra attention to how it's portrayed and try to make it as realistic as possible.

|The goodbye time traveler MC x Carmine| is not yet explored and should be in future games.

|The Butterfly MC x Carmine| is a parasite-Host relationship. That Carmine was never forced by Isaac, she just attracted and lashes on the strongest alpha man she sees.  At first, it was Isaac but after gaining his new powers the butterfly became the new alpha male to her and her new host. Meanwhile, the butterfly just wanted a family. he lost his parents and he just wanted a chance to have a new one so he accepted Carmine's confession and accepted being her new host. It's a very messed up relationship but it's very realistic too because I've seen people in this kind of relationship before.


I really enjoyed this visual novel! At first I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but the story drew me in and before I knew it I'd gone through the whole thing! It's well written and kept me intrigued the whole time. When it got to a certain choice I actually went and played your other visual novels to see what they all had, and I'm glad I did! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff! :D


I have an idea what "choice" that was haha. thank you for the kind words and I hope you enjoy future games as much.


glad I can play it on the screen id download it if it was for Mac. you've made alot of games good on you!

Really good visual novel! Didnt get the ending yet but i can feel a good story behind this

Very nice video actually. I personally enjoyed it . It made me laugh many times haha

God I loved this game. Took me a decent 6 hours due to distractions but I loved it. I got two endings not sure if theres more but I got the two. What I loved most about the game was the loops part and how you could remember everything after each loop. I was a bit afraid though after CC lost her memory but it turned out well. Im not going to lie I actually liked CC too. 

The ending made me cry though- >~< dont judge. I have a decent idea who CC is but I could be very well wrong. Given by how the game acts and there's death it reminds me a lot about DDLC which I had a felling at first but when I got to the end I think my suspicions were proven true. Devs I think you know what I'm talking about at this point on who I think CC is. I just wanna know if my suspicions are true or not. Either way I still love CC. Glitch or not


I'm glad you enjoyed the game and understood the true meaning of the story. As for CC, I'm not super sure what you mean exactly and so to avoid me spoiling things for others here I would suggest you check out a game in the series called " CC: The Girl Who Chants Love at the edge of time ". here is the link for it  : https://fouzi94.itch.io/cc-the-girl-who-chants-love-at-the-edge-of-time

It's a very short game dedicated only to CC and her origins/identity.

CC also appears in other games like "Goodbye Time Traveler" but just as a side character for obvious reasons.

Ahh okay. See now I have to play these games for more CC content. I thought she was Monika from Doki Doki literature club

Haha, DDLC is amazing, and "YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story" ( the game that inspired DDLC) is much, much better in my opinion and I recommend it to everyone reading this as long they don't mind erotic content. As for CC, she is her own separate character.


1) Erotic content is what got me to this site in the first place so I dont mind. 2) I didn't even know about that game thanks for the heads up. And 3)  Gatcha I'll give you my feed back on the Two games CC is in once I get to and finnish them 

So, that was a trip...

Overall, despite the grammar in Act 3 becoming more hastily done Zero & Cecelia's names got swapped like twice in narration dialogue, this was very nice.

I definitely found the irony in CC's identity --of which I won't spoil for those reading-- amusing, I honestly want to check out your other projects to just get more context, especially if the NULL and the WAR are subjects that have been alluded to before.

Otherwise Fouzi, you have truly made something special, this shit could fucking be a standalone manga, with of course the twist being that every book on the surface is completely unconnected, but after reading, they combine into a cohesive narrative.

You are indeed on my radar, and I don't regret sacrificing 2 hours of my life to your product.  

TL;DR:  Game good, makes you think, good twist, definitely works better with context from the previous games... presumably.

Thank you for telling me about the Zero/CC dialogue mistake. I didn't notice it before. I have now fixed and patched the game.

If you are interested in "Nulls" and the "Upcoming war" then I would recommend   " "A Happiness Story" and "Goodbye Time Traveler". The former actually takes place after the events of this game and the latter is mainly what triggered the "War" in the first place.

As for CC, she is present in "Goodbye Time traveler" and in her short spinoff game  "CC: the girl who chants love at the edge of time". She is also present in other games in the series but it's more like cameos.

(2 edits) (+1)

I've played through the whole game and there is definitely something interesting going on here. The fluffy beginning and project page make the game appear a bit amateurish but it improves after 5-10 minutes.

On the surface the game seems like a Danganronpa / Zero Escape clone but playing further it seems to have an element of Re:Zero in the mix. The cast is intriguing and despite there being a conflict in art style they are likable and diverse.

The jump scares are honestly very effective for what they are; the timing is really good and I dread to think what they would look like if they were more than a PNG.

Punctuation mistakes are consistent throughout the game but weirdly it gives the game a cute identity. The choices are meaningful and allow you to play as yourself for the most apart (again impressive.)

The game has a few pacing issues but it is fun. I think this game in particular could benefit from some good voice-acting, even if it was just some toned beeps.

The ending was a bit confusing but maybe it makes more sense if you play your other games. Well done

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for this thorough review.  I especially agree with your point about page design. This page really needs a better design. I need to get on it.

Also, as much as I love Zero escape ( Virtue's Last Reward is my fav) and Danganronpa ( the second one was cool) , "Null" is actually inspired by two major games: Raging loop and Gnosia. I encourage anyone reading this to check them out especially "Gnosia", that game is severely underrated.