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''Zero One'' is a murder mystery game with a ''strange'' twist.

You and your partner '' CC'' has been tasked with investigating strange suicides taking place in a secluded village. People with no history of mental illness nor suicidal thoughts travel to this village and hang themselves.

Your job is to discover ''the truth''.

But what will you truly find? 

A Sweet Lie? 

A Bitter Truth? 


Maybe a ''Reality''? 


Disclaimer: Game deals with dark themes


Th browser version of the game might need a few moments to load after you start a new game so please be patient



Update 02: check out ''Pattern Screamers'' an horror thriller adventure game that also serves as a spiritual successor to Null.

You can check it out here :

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsAtmospheric, Dating Sim, Erotic, Hentai, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Short


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hey can anybody help me?  so there's three options when we're in the inn right. and I've finished all of them but still doesn't get all of it's ending. I've tried so many times. and also when i chose to go with cc she mentioned something about "builder_config.json" but I can't find it on the games file. can someone help me?



When he says he thinks he should leave CC for last and that he can probably meet up with all of them. I immediately what the correct choice was lmao; nice nod back.


I like it , the ending was very surprising and cool 

Thank you.

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"Not that you'll know that, seeing as you probably still get your news from 4chan"

"Not true, I'm a redditor now"

"Even worse!"

As a redditor i'm a bit offended(but nvm i don't search news in any of them!, just game or meme communities!) 


Good, idk why but itch didn't notify when you uploaded it or with the past game but it did with butterfly or i don't remember what game. Indeed those small animations of the MC with the gun and crying make it feel more inmersive, this one felt very good i think, Lisa just wanted to be free from the game, and kinda sentient as CC in a way, despite she lost but had a good reasons to be a villain. Also i'm concerned of CC using schoolarship clothes in her detective/police work, she needs to buy herself new clothes(/s). 

jokes aside, 8.5/10 game in my views.

questions and mini spoilers i guess:

So that girl that appears in the MC dream is Future Mirall, Zero, CC, Carmine or who? The questions is killing me lol

And is Lisa a human? If the "snakeys" are just cosmetic(what i understood), then she is just a human, or is a human but she modified herself with the game files?

Sad to not see Zero but good to see her mentioned, also didn't ask in Existence game, but that one white hair character that appears in Alex dream is Zero i suppose?

Also i guess the T's are not related to that god that was mentioned many times

Edit: Also the ending song is a banger lol, would like to know the name, or add like a credits screen or a credits button at the start to know like the songs or artists, also from the backgrounds that are pretty cool

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Major spoilers to this game.








1-Haha, I use Reddit too for visual novel releases. It's the ''dark'' subreddits that  give the site a bad reputation and of course the behavior of certain Reddit admins. 

2-That's odd, it could be because I stopped doing dev logs after uploading games. I will make a dev log now in case others are interested in playing this game.

3- Yes, I personally dislike villains who are just evil because they are evil. I believe villains should always have real motivation and that every villain can be the protagonist if the story is viewed from their point of view.

4- I actually made different outfits for CC but they all looked bad so instead I just decided that she will have a different hairstyle and a new hair accessory.

5-The mystery balcony girls identity is either ''future Mirall'' , ''Carmine'' or '' CC'' .  her real identity is one of these possibilities and it was left vague on purpose so the player can interpret it depending on how they feel at the ending of the game.

 Both these three possibilities are valid and correct ( kinda like Schrödinger's cat thought experiment) But if you want me to tell you which of these 3 possibilities is my personal interpretation then its ''Future Mirall''. But that doesn't mean you're wrong if you think it's ''CC'' or ''Carmine''

6-Yes, Lisa is just human. Just like CC, she became self-aware but unlike CC she couldn't accept it and hated her existence at first then her hatred became targeted at the ''real people'' who only use her existence for their entertainment. She then messed around with her character file and maxed all her settings and started looking for ways to escape the game and take revenge on ''real people''.

7- Zero is busy running her company '' Zero's cute industries'' . She is just a mere human now. The white-haired girl in the game ''Existence'' is not ''Zero''. the game''Existence'' takes place after the events of ''Null'' so  Zero is just a normal human with no special powers.

That white-haired girl actually showed up in the game ''Milker'' . She even spoke to the MC in ''Milker'' but she was in disguise so I doubt anyone who played ''Milker'' noticed haha.

8- Yes, the T's are not present in this game. They're busy dealing with ''other stuff''

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3. In famous series or films often they have good villains, that are not evil just bc they want, but of their reasons, and that the viewer can sightly empathize(a bit, not being crazy lol) with them. So this was a good villain i think. Same to "butterfly"

4. Poor CC, let's pray she gets out of poverty.     /s

5. Schrödinger's Waifu?!?1!?!11!?!!

Personally I stick to Carmine bc that she remembered a bit-close friend i had back in highschool.

6 I guess she never became self-aware on Time Letter game then

7 It was not explained much about the "snakeys" thing or why the nulls wear them

9 Good music, i heard the full vid fr

Also i think i know the white hair girl is that one girl but with black hair instead

And finally, if CC was deleted in Null game, then how she reappeared, or i think the games she doesn't appear in ar post-Null, and the ones she appear are pre-Null

Major spoilers to this game.







1-This game actually explains (indirectly) the ''real truth'' of the ''Nulls''. I was hoping someone will pick up on it but I guess I made it too vague.

 Basically, after CC hacked the general settings file at the end of the game she ''shaped her hand like a gun and snapped her fingers'' the same way Nulls like ''Ellie'' and ''Zero'' do when they use their Null power.

 Also at the end of the game ''Null'', CC asks ''Zero'' to override the system and present you with '' choices'' meaning ''Nulls'' can control the game itself to a certain degree.  So if you combine all these facts then you'll realize ''the real identity'' of Nulls.

They may be fourth-dimensional beings with superhuman power abilities who observe the timelines in the story but in ''our world'', they are ''Game admins''. A group of ''Game AI '' that moderates the games and their progression. Their superhuman powers are explained by having the ability to modify their character files like how Lisa did. 

''Snakeys'' and other Null-related questions will be explored in the future game where the main cast of the series goes to the Null's world so I don't want to spoil that game.

2- Unlike the rest of the characters, CC goes through the games in order of release ( not chronological order) so the CC in recent games like Devotion, time letter, and Zero One is a ''post Null CC''. How is that possible will be explored in future games too .


That was a ride! It's a quite a pity that I didn't even see Zero's figure but to my surprise, she's living a life.

The choices lost more of a quantity but it's still a great journey. CC is cute as always.

Hassan getting mentioned, here and there.








I.n the end, the client's request was a failure. Poor CEO.

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Major spoilers to this game.







Yeah, Zero is busy doing business, haha but she will be back. If you have reached the true ending of the game ( Where the MC hugs the mysterious balcony girl) then you have known that a new world is being created making the suicides less important after all and CC did explain near the end why she thinks so many people ( including the CEO's daughter) come to this village to end their lives. It's a parallel to the ''truth'' of their world.